Weapon Decks

Within the cavernous fore chambers of the Overwhelming Mortality lies the heart of its weapon systems. Though its torpedo tubes were removed, the macrocannons that replace them, paired with the dorsal-mounted laser battery and the multitude of point-defense weapons, ensure that the Overwhelming Mortality can still protect itself with ease.


Housed in chambers converted from torpedo storage and launch bays, the Mars-pattern cannons that make up the ship’s primary armament have been modified slightly to aid in their function. Particularly notable is that rather than purely manual loading, the loading process for new shells is mostly automated. This is a necessity thanks to the lack of space within the cannon chambers; the cannons load from above or below, angles from which men and women simply cannot push a shell into place. As a result, the macrocannon crews are smaller, relatively, than on ships with a comparable armament. By no means does this mean they are less capable; by contrast, many of the senior crewmen within the weapon decks are veterans from the same ship as First Officer Arcite, and have formed unified and efficient (if competitive) teams.

Relics of the chambers’ original use still exist; the ceramite bunkers that formerly protected the crew from torpedoes’ plasma drives now serve as hardened control rooms as well as defensive posts for the ship’s armsmen. Other areas have been converted to different purposes; the torpedo storage has been more heavily armor-plated and compartmentalized, with shell elevators installed for the cannons proper. Unused space is converted into living quarters for the gun crews. Together with the crews of the laser batteries and point defense, the weapon decks form a quite insular culture, separate from that of the rest of the crew.

Weapon Decks

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