The "Overwhelming Mortality"

Detailed Ship Writeups

Cobra-class Destroyer “Overwhelming Mortality”

Speed: 11
Detection: +20
Armour: 16
Space: 35 (35 used)
Manoeuverability: +33
Hull Integrity: 30
Turret Rating: 1
SP: 30
Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 1, Prow 1
Power Generation: 45 (41 used)
Crew: Standard (30)

Population: 100
Morale: 100

Base Modules
Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive
Miloslav Warp Drive
Warpsbane Hull
Repulsor Shield
Command Bridge
Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer
Clan-kin Quarters
Deep Void Auger Array

Supplemental Modules
Compartmentalized Cargo Hold

Sunsear Laser Battery (Dorsal)
Mars Pattern Macrocannon (Fore)

Adventurous: The vessel is eager to seek new horizons, to turn its bow from civilisation and delve into the darkness of the unknown. When participating in an Endeavour the ship gains +10 Detection, when not participating in an Endeavour it suffers –10 Detection.

Wrested from a Space Hulk: The ship has been recovered from a space hulk – a mass of wrecked ships that drifts intermittently through the warp and realspace. The ship is very old (and thus of high quality), but those who know of its origins whisper that it is cursed. The ship gains +1 Armour, +1 Speed, and +3 Manoeuvrability. However, every time the crew suffers a Misfortune, the GM rolls twice and chooses the worse of the two. The curse can have many other effects as well, many ill, but a truly skilled Rogue Trader can turn any situation to profit…

The “Overwhelming Mortality” is an old Cobra-class destroyer, one of the earlier models of its type. Thought lost with all hands during Warp travel, the vessel reappeared in late 806.M41 on the periphery of a Space Hulk, broken nearly in two. Jericho and his meagre crew came across the ship and elected to restore and refit the ship. While it was cut free and hauled to a nearby void station within weeks, the extensive damage to the ship kept the Overwhelming Mortality in drydock for the next two years.

In the process of reconstructing the broken vessel, the entire prow section of the ship needed to be replaced; the damage between the two sections was too severe to join the two safely. Jericho commissioned a reconstructed prow from the material of the old, but elected to replace the original torpedo tubes with a macrocannon battery. Reasoning that for self-defense torpedoes were unnecessary, the prow-mounted macrocannons and dorsal laser battery were plenty for his purposes. By the middle of 809.M41, the Overwhelming Mortality had been repainted in Jericho’s colours of white, black, and red, and prepared to venture forth into the Koronus Expanse.

Even as early as its reconstruction, the Overwhelming Mortality’s terrible luck had begun to manifest itself. Workers were burned by rupturing plasma conduits, electrocuted by supposedly-unpowered wiring, and suffered plenty of other nasty fates. Even once the ship was out of dock, problems hardly ceased. The most circulated story among the lower-deck crew is of an unfortunate private aboard the ship, who narrowly avoided a lasgun bolt out of the gun he was cleaning- which had its entire power assembly removed. The lower-deck crew often whispers of the ghosts of the Overwhelming Mortality’s former crew, whether through hearing them in dreams or seeing the tricks they supposedly play on the crew. Officially, nothing is out of the ordinary, and there is simply a high accident rate, but even Jericho has his doubts about the ship.


The "Overwhelming Mortality"

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