General Notes

Officers of the Overwhelming Mortality

  • Lord-Captain Jericho Delagrad
    • First Lieutenant Kimber Arcite, First Officer
      • Second Lieutenant Silbha Konstantin, Master-At-Arms
        • Ensign Timbit, Twistcatcher
      • Second Lieutenant Menelus Forschner, Master Helmsman
      • Second Lieutenant Tycho Ertelt, Master of Ordinance
      • Third Lieutenant Antonius Digrazia, Master of Etherics
      • Ensign Sarina Colombe, Master of the Vox
    • Ferrus Dalbeck, Enginseer Prime
      • ____, Drivesmaster
      • ____, Omnissianic Congregator
    • Martius Cosano, High Factotum
      • Thalia Maskaly, Chief Steward
      • ____, Purser
Unsorted Crew
  • Malika Leasher, Chief Chirurgeon
  • ____, Choir-master Telepathica
  • ____, Navigator Primaris
    • ____, Carto-Artifex
  • ____, Chief Bosun
  • ____, Infernus Master
  • ____, Confessor

Ship Appearance

The Overwhelming Mortality appears, externally, to be a relatively standard Cobra-class destroyer, clad in bone-white and black paint as well as the silver engravings of its Warpsbane hull. A spiderweb of red trim cris-crosses its armoured prow, framing its most obvious departure from the standard Cobra template- its set of long-barreled macrocannons set in the former torpedo tubes. The massive cannons jut forward from their mounts, gunmetal grey clashing against the white prow.

Further back, behind the ship’s laser battery, a massive silver seam encircles the ship. At this point, the two broken halves of the ship were rebuilt and reunited; the welds and additional plating were left unpainted as a reminder of the ship’s legacy. The hull is dotted with hangar bays and docks for the ship’s many cargo holds.

The ship’s command tower is capped off with an intricate array of augurs and sensor arrays, making a veritable spiderweb of metal atop the ship. These sensors, some of the most powerful in the sector, ensure that Lord-Captain Delagrad’s ship misses no opportunity and is never caught off-guard.

At the aft of the ship, the vessel’s main plasma drives burn a deep bluish-purple. One of the few completely original ship systems aboard the Overwhelming Mortality, these drives tie into an ancient, experimental Warp drive.

General Notes

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