Silbha Konstantin

The Master-At-Arms of the Overwhelming Mortality


Silbha has a healthy, average build, he stands at 5’10. His head is ovalled, and his eyes are black. His hair is brown,barely covering his ears, although it is unkempt and messy. His skin tone is white, slightly on the edge of being tanned, he usually wears a smile on his face when around the henchmen, although it is unexistant or much smaller in dire circumstances. His left eye seems to twitch slightly when dealing with HERETICAL SITUATIONS
He has a small, elongated scar running through his hand, due to his run-in with the Burna. However, it is nearly never seen due to the fact he wears gloves most of the time.


Silbha was born and raised on Haratkia. A reasonably religious Hive world, know for it’s harsh, unforgiving winters and not much else, other than the fact it’s quite cold, and their demolition corps, of course.

Being born and raised in such world, Silbha had become quite the religious citizen. Following the Imperial Cult rather closely, thanks to his upbringing.

He was eventually drafted into the 37th Haratkian Demolition Regiment. A regimiment that was tasked with, unsurprisingly: Blowing shit up, area denial and trench warfare. They were usually assigned to battlefields with, well. Snowy terrain and the likes. They made religious use of skis and Demolisher leman rushes.
The regiment was eventually obliterated during the battle of SOMETHING SOMETHING where they were cut off from the other regiments, being constantly whittled down being orks. When the regiment’s reinforcements arrived, the 37th had been whittled down to circa 50 Guards and a single Centaur.

Silbha and what was left of his squad were reassigned to guard duty on a hive until they were moved to a new regiment due to the old one’s obliteration.
The stay at the hive was comforting for Silbha, since it had been a long while since he was back at what he could regard as “Home”, even if it wasnt his homeworld.

This, however was short-lived. The hive was besieged yet again, and the orks repelled, however.

Whilst searching for any signs of remaining Orks, the squad accidentally set off a booby-trapped Burna bomb, covering the whole squad and a few bystanders in scorching burny-fuel. Though Silbha wasn’t coated in it, a debilitatingly hot shard from the Burna caught him, cutting open his glove and hand. He wasn’t significantly injured by the shard, but the pain caused him to panic even more, paralyzed with fear as his friends and those he pledged to protect burnt to ashes.

He was eventually reassigned to Hanford’s Whatever-it-was Regiment, defending the Whatever-it-was-planet from the greentide. Upon the defense, he was acting as a liutenant alongside Hanford. Inspiring the men for the GLORY OF THE IMPERIUM!

This was short lived, when from behind his back the armored grip of a cutlass came, leaving him slightly dumbfounded as he fell to the ground and was tied up, efffectively kidnapped and added upon the Delagrad Retinue

Silbha Konstantin

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