Ferrus Dalbeck

Enginseer Prime of the Overwhelming Mortality


Character sheet:


Born on the forge world Specanov, Ferrus lost his parents to an industrial accident during his teenage years. He was forced into the streets and stole his way to a meager living and rarely “borrowed” dataslates and other curiosities. One day, at twenty-two, he set up a distraction for a wandering techpriest in order to steal his multikey. The trap worked, but Ferrus was chased and cornered. Impressed by his tricks and seeing potential in him, the techpriest offered him a place in the Adeptus Mechanicus as an apprentice. Ferrus accepted and spent the next fifteen years training, advancing, and receiving augmentations.

During a fairly routine maintenance session of an administrative building’s depths, Ferrus’s servo-skull found a damaged blast door of ancient build. He forced it open and discovered numerous dataslates on xenos technology, from general descriptions of tech level to full technical diagrams. The pieces, bizarre and fascinating, described technology that was more reliable, more effective, or cheaper than Imperial technology. He recovered a few of the most interesting ones and returned to the upper levels to find the local authorities waiting to arrest him. He resisted and fled, putting his limited weapons training and his ancient bolter to use.

Ferrus hid for some time in the dark slums of the world. He lost his dataslates in various encounters but managed to keep most of his small tools and his servo-skull. He fled on the ship of a well-connected smuggler friend he’d known since his years on the streets. His friend knew of a certain rogue trader seeking an officer, Jericho Delegrad, and was willing to point Ferrus his way…

Physical appearance: as below, although with significantly lighter armor across the torso and arms.

Ferrus Dalbeck

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